Regardless of industry, the one thing that every employer wants is productive employees, and the more the better. However, are you aware of the role that illumination plays in employee performance? Below are some reasons why switching to LEDs increases employee productivity.

LEDs Reduce Heat

A landmark study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in 2018 revealed that LEDs could increase employee productivity because they generate less heat. Indeed, it is well known that LED heat emissions are far lower than fluorescent lights, which become extremely hot, so much so that they can burn skin and ignite flammable objects.

The study focused primarily on workers who were employed in garment factories, but the results are applicable to other industries. Those who are employed in hot buildings that use traditional fluorescent lights have poorer performance, while the performance of those working in buildings with LED canopy lights is substantially higher.

Humans Use Light for Circadian Rhythm Regulation

Humans utilize light on a biological level. The various illumination hues have been found to trigger numerous physiological responses which can make them either active or drowsy. For instance, employers that use orange or red-colored light in their offices will cause the bodies of their employees to generate melatonin, which is normally used to help people fall asleep. This is clearly undesirable, as it will make employees less productive.

However, LED lights which are cool and whitish are akin to natural light and will cause the opposite effect, lowering fatigue while providing greater energy and alertness levels.

LEDs Are Free of Harmful Substances

Until relatively recently, scientists were unaware of the dangers of using fluorescent lights in the workplace. While experts have known for years that fluorescent light bulbs contained toxic substances such as mercury, their line of thinking was that because it was contained within the bulb itself, unless it exploded and humans nearby to it were exposed there wouldn’t be a problem.

However, this view is flawed, because even if workers are not directly exposed to the mercury within fluorescent bulbs, they still produce ultraviolet radiation, and although this amount is lower than sunlight, as time passes both the skin and eyes can be damaged in a variety of ways, from premature aging to cataracts and possibly even cancer. Employees have also complained of eye strain and headaches.

It is for this reason that companies all over the world are switching to LEDs ceiling lights. They do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury so even if the bulbs are shattered people and animals nearby will not be exposed to toxic fumes, and equally important, LEDs are consistent, won’t flicker or alter their color. 

Because they are cool in temperature employees won’t be subject to heat exhaustion, dehydration, irritability, and concentration loss, which are all problems that people frequently experience when working under fluorescent bulbs. However, because fluorescent bulbs have been the standard for decades it will take time to adopt them worldwide.

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