A brightly lit parking lot is the first line of defense against deterring criminals and ensuring the safety and convenience of employees. That being said below are some tips for choosing the best LED parking lot lights to ensure your premises are both secure and presentable.

Choose Lighting Which Is Uniform

The distribution of light is extremely important when it comes to parking spaces. It involves the even spread of illumination throughout the area with the same brightness level. Parking lots require high visibility and as such you want LEDs that will provide uniformity ratios of approximately 3:1. 

Be Sure to Install Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor LED wall packs are one of the best options for parking lots. The reason for this is that they can establish building perimeters, highlight designated walkways, and showcase entrances. They will also make it easier for security cameras to monitor landscaping, structures, and everyone coming and going. Since outdoor wall lights are usually constructed with aluminum that is die-cast, they are tough and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Pay Attention to The Tenons And Fixture Mounts

Those who choose to install LED light poles will want to be sure that the tenons and fixture mounts are adequate. For instance, the majority of warehouse illumination uses light poles with bullhorns that have X and Y configurations. This means that the level of light needed and its direction should influence your purchase decision.

Always Purchase LEDs Which Are Durable And Efficient

Because parking spaces are often outdoors and exposed to various weather conditions, it is essential that the LEDs you install offer high durability and efficiency. While it is true that these models might cost more than their indoor counterparts, the benefits are well worth it, and you will often save money over the long term. Some of the best light pole LEDs are made with a tough and durable bronze finish that is pleasing to the eyes.

Choose The Right Mounting Option

Even the best LEDs will perform poorly if you choose the wrong mounting, and those that are shopping for them will find that there are many choices available. Each form of mounting has certain features which make it desirable for specific applications.

For instance, LEDs that are mounted outside might be exposed to wind and vibration, and both are capable of damaging both fixtures and poles. To determine the right LED type for strong wind, there are a few things to consider.

Determining Wind Velocity

For those that maintain outdoor parking lots, the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) publishes wind zone maps of the USA which will allow you to determine the wind velocity for your area.

The wind velocity should influence the mounting fixture you select for your parking lot lights. Each unit has an EPA, or Effective Projected Area value. This allows you to perform calculations involving wind force and how it impacts them.

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