The majority of employers are well aware of the importance of having a workplace that is well lit, but did you know that the quality of light is also essential? Below are some ways in which LED lights create greater safety in the workplace.

Reduced Likelihood of Bulb Exploding

Because LEDs are highly efficient when it comes to energy consumption and transfer, they can function with minimal heat loss. This is extremely important, because not only does it reduce the likelihood of contact burns or flammable substances becoming ignited, there is no flame within the bulb that can shatter it, which contributes to workplace safety.

Superior Visibility

LEDs provide far greater visibility than their fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen counterparts. This is because of their greater lumen output. It is well known that insufficient illumination in the workplace is one of the leading causes of accidents and injuries, so by installing LEDs you minimize the risk of such incidents occurring. Unlike classical light bulbs, LED lamps eradicate shadows, which mean a brighter room free of dark spots.

Require Minimal Maintenance

At best, traditional fluorescent bulbs might last a couple of years or so, and if you operate a sizeable warehouse this means that employees or maintenance workers have to spend a lot of time unscrewing and replacing bulbs. LEDs are more durable and last longer. Depending on the brand you buy, the bulbs may last from five to ten years or longer, which saves you the time, energy, and hassle of having to frequently replace bulbs.

Mercury Free

Traditional light bulbs are made from mercury which is a well-known toxin. If the bulbs fall and break, any humans or animals in the vicinity could be exposed to it, and given the tendency of fluorescent bulbs to shatter, this is a threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if you operate a large space that has dozens or hundreds of bulbs. LEDs are free of mercury which means there is no chance employees will ever be exposed to it.

Prevent Health Problems

Scientific research conducted over the last three decades suggests that there is a connection between fluorescent lights and health issues such as eye strain, headaches, increased stress, and possibly even cancer. 

While research into light and photons is ongoing, the tremendous heat generated by fluorescent bulbs can make employees miserable, especially those that work in tropical, desert, or subtropical climates. The already high temperatures of these regions combined with the heat emanated from fluorescent bulbs can lead to increased heat and exhaustion, dizziness, and accidents.

This is why companies that operate in hot, humid, and desert climates should switch to LEDs as soon as possible, even if the upfront costs seem steep. The price of LEDs is small compared to the worker’s compensation claims and downtime that you’ll experience, not to mention possible litigation.

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