In large or commercial spaces that require major lighting, photometrics play an important role. It allows architects and lighting designers to know if the light is enough for a space. It can confirm brightness, intensity, evenness of light and more. It also enables understanding of costs and allow for planning of electrical needs.

Photometric study is the study of light itself, not just a type of lighting. Photometrics, photometric analysis and photometric studies are just different names of the same thing. It focuses on how a light leaves a fixture and goes into the surrounding area it is in. It is a computer simulation of light. It is very important knowledge for the people who are in the business of working with light fixtures and lighting design.Photometric Study Sample Picture

At LightingX, we are happy to provide Free Lighting Design and Layout for our customers that provide the following:


  • CAD File (.dxf or .dwg format). OR
  • *Drawing with the dimension of the room and fixture layout (with dimensions between fixtures)
  • Application
  • Replacement Fixture – Type, Wattage, Lumen Package
  • Existing Fixture Wattages / Desired Light Levels
  • *Fixture Mounting Height
  • *Ceiling Height



  • CAD File (.dxf or .dwg format). OR
  • *Site Address
  • *Provide a layout sketch of the area with the distance and dimensions applied in the sketch together with the project location address for us to estimate the distance with the utilization of Google Earth
  • Existing Fixture Type(s)
  • Fixture Configuration – number of heads per pole and their arrangement
  • Application
  • The fixture(s) you plan on using for the project (Type, Wattage, Lumen Package)
  • *Existing Fixture Wattages / Desired Light Levels
  • *Location of Fixtures
  • *Mounting Heights
  • Building Height



To get started, just email your project info to