In LightingX, we complement our quality lighting product solutions with a dedicated team of professionals. With a range of services, such as same day delivery and a robust refund policy, we ensure that our customers are satisfied with both our lighting product solutions and our warm service to them. With a professional sales team, we pride ourselves in ensuring your needs can be met and we have the perfect lighting product solution just for you. We work with various brands to bring the best lighting product solution to you, with Altech Electronics as an example.

About Altech Electronics

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Altech Electronics have been the pioneering lighting product solution manufacturer in LED fixtures. They boast top quality products with competitive prices while ensuring that their lighting product solutions are energy efficient, whether used across commercial or industrial use. Altech Electronics have been supplying world class lighting product solutions over many decades. Altech Electronics provide a 10-year wrap around warranty and the highest lumens per watt in the lighting product solution industry, coupled with L70 of 150,000 hours. As an LED specialist, Altech Electronics ensure that every retrofitting of traditional lighting to LED is a seamless and convenient process through their team of dedicated product specialists and sales staff.

In fact, Altech Electronics’ LED products are so popular among industrial and commercial players because they have cost savings due to its high energy efficacy nature. This is also combined with Altech Electronics’ commitment to contribute to better climate change by cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions. By promoting environmental sustainability, a world without global warming, resource consumption and environmental toxicity is possible. This is only possible as Altech Electronics’ LED products are highly environmentally friendly. You will be hard-pressed to find a company that is so committed to environmental sustainability.

Many of Altech Electronics’ LED fixtures can be found across many industries, whether it’s commercial, industrial or even general. From military applications to municipal applications, Altech Electronics’ leaves their footprints everywhere with their high-quality products. Even the automotive industry has marks of Altech Electronics’ service here. And the reason is simple: they have a fantastic track record of providing the industry best lighting product solution.

Within the Altech Electronics’ organizational structure, you will be partnering with their entire team. From sales to accounting and even the marketing and photometric team, you will be hearted to know that their departments work seamlessly to ensure the best service.

Why Choose LightingX?

Through fair pricing and warm sales service, LightingX ensures that every customer walk away satisfied, knowing that their business needs are met. With quick shipping, lighting product solutions can be delivered to your doorstep, just like that! With constant surveillance of their product inventory, you can be rest assured that your much-needed product solution is available for purchase. With free Photometric Studies, LightingX aims to bring the best lighting solutions to you. LightingX is your lighting product solution partner to ensure you meet your business needs.

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