With a wide assortment of value-adding services, such as robust refund policy and same day delivery, we ensure that our customers are happy with both our lighting product solutions and our warm service to them.  In LightingX, we combine our quality lighting product solutions with a dedicated team of professionals to provide the best customer service. We pride ourselves in ensuring your business goals can be achieved as we better understand your business needs and deliver the best product solutions to you. We collaborate with various brands, such as Howard Lighting to provide the best lighting product solution.

About Howard Lighting

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Howard Lighting is a leading LED manufacturer while providing a wide array of product solutions to meet your lighting needs. Some of the products they offer include ballasts, lamps, and fixtures. By providing a huge product catalogue, such as utility fixtures, high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures, fluorescent fixtures, they put themselves in good stead with their customers as they can readily meet your business needs. Howard Lighting also offer other products, such as emergency lights, exit signs, as well as emergency and exit wire guards to ensure that the fixtures are not harmed through acts of vandalism and other kinds of damage. Howard Lighting provides an assortment of lamps too, such as fluorescent lamps, HID lamps, and LED T8 lamps.

Howard Lighting product solutions can be used across many different industries and applications, from commercial to industrial use. With high level of versatility, you can be confident that you can find the best lighting product solution just for your business needs.

Howard Lighting provides a great support sales team to ensure that your enquiries are met. With a commitment to ensure the highest quality standards of service within the lighting product industry, you will be hearted to know that they seek to put customers first. Through a clear and proper understanding of your needs, they can deliver the most suitable lighting product solution to ensure your business goals are met.

Howard Lighting also uses energy-efficient lighting product solutions to ensure that your business not only have monetary cost savings but also enable you to contribute to greater sustainability towards the environment. The use of energy-efficient LED lights can enable you to take a stance against global climate change and fight for global carbon dioxide emissions and increasing climate temperatures. In the long run, this positions your company as a proponent for environment sustainability.

Why Choose LightingX?

Through fair pricing and warm sales service, LightingX ensures that every customer leave feeling satisfied, knowing that their business goals are achieved. With prompt shipping, lighting product solutions can be delivered to your doorstep quickly, in good shape. With perpetual monitoring of our product inventory, you can be rest assured that your much-needed product solution is available for purchase. With free Photometric Studies, LightingX aims to bring the best lighting solutions to you. LightingX partners with you to provide the best lighting product solution to ensure you meet your business needs.

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