At LightingX, we provide a wide range of products from different leading lighting solutions. Our aim here is to ensure that our customers are satisfied. With so many different manufacturers, we provide insights about each company to enable everyone to make an informed decision regarding which product they can buy, as well as the manufacturer. At LightingX, we provide lighting solutions from EIKO and provide more insights into the company.

About EIKO

EiKO LED Lighting Company Logo

EIKO is a leading LED lighting product solutions provider with years of expertise. It’s owned in the United States, with offices across various continents, such as Europe, APAC, and Canada. EIKO has 40 years of experience of meeting the lighting needs of industrial and commercial businesses. EIKO is a supplier of Intelligent Fixtures and Wireless Controls by buying over Xeleum. With time, EIKO has been growing their product offerings via the Xi-Fi Wireless Controls Systems and utilizing many technology platforms.

EIKO also provides a wide range of product offerings in terms of retrofit kits and LED solutions for outdoor and indoor uses. EIKO’s product offerings are meant to replace conventional lighting systems. Some of the product offerings provided by EIKO include outdoor products, such as area lights, flood lights, high bay lights, wall packs lights and vapor tight lights. EIKO also provide indoor products, such as slim panels lights, strips and canopies lights, downlight kits and high bays lights.

EIKO also have product offerings for people looking for traditional lighting products, such as high intensity discharge lamps (HID), incandescent lamps, halogen lightings, compact and linear fluorescent lamps as well as other specialty lighting solutions.

EIKO also distinguishes itself from its competition through a variety of services, such as Suit of Services, Product Search and Cross Tools, Lighting Layout Tools, ROI calculator, Utility Rebate Tracker, Project Financing Options, industry leading warranties, as well as in-house fixture modification program.

Some of the replacement and retrofit solutions provided by EIKO include LED lamps with a wide range of wattages, shapes, color temperatures and so on. EIKO also provide HID replacement and other products, such as tubes, A-lamps, and miniatures. EIKO’s lighting products are highly energy efficient, ensuring that a business can have savings on costings.

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LightingX works with many seasoned lighting product manufacturers to ensure we offer a diverse range of lighting solutions to ensure we meet your business needs. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming. At LightingX, our dedicated sales staff will ensure that you find the best lighting product just for you. We also provide free photometric studies here at LightingX. We also provide ways to meet your special needs as we provide many value-added capabilities and solutions, such as fixture modifications and so on. We also provide monitoring the quantity of our inventory and update our inventory records daily. This is to ensure we have a high availability of products so we can ship out orders from our warehouse to our clients.

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