When working with horses and barn animals it is important to have adequate lighting. While overhead incandescent and fluorescent bulbs have served this purpose for decades, they have a number of significant drawbacks. This is why both ranchers and farmers are switching to LED lighting for barns.

How LEDs Benefit Horses

Those who are breeding horses desire longer “daylight” hours since it gives them greater control over the estrous cycle of the mare and helps stallions also. It makes the barn safer for the horses while lowering maintenance costs.

Before LEDs came along, examining specific body parts was challenging due to the shadows that these illumination sources cast and handlers often had to depend on flashlights. LED tubes make it easier for breeders to examine horses and lower their energy costs by a substantial margin.

LEDs Are Resistant To Cold And Moisture

Barns are susceptible to moisture from various sources and if they’re situated in the north they’ll become quite cold during winter. While traditional light bulbs are vulnerable to frigid temperatures and moisture, LEDs are impervious to both.

LEDs Work With Bigger Fixtures

Every light source requires a fixture, and LEDs are extremely adaptable. Because they work with bigger fixtures than traditional bulbs this means they are perfect for casting light over broad areas which is a necessity in arenas and barns. However, ranchers or farmers that are currently using fluorescent bulbs and would like to switch to LEDs may need to change their fixtures completely since they may not be interchangeable with LEDs.

No Need To Upgrade The Entire Electrical System

Those that plan to renovate their barns and add additional space should strongly consider LED fixtures because they will prevent you from having to revamp the whole electrical system. This is because by working with LEDs, you’ll lower the load for existing circuits which means they may be extended into the newly created areas, which will save a lot of money.

LEDs Don’t Produce A Lot of Heat

Fluorescent bulbs are notorious for the heat they generate and become so hot that they will burn skin upon contact. Furthermore, any flammable objects within the barn which come into contact with fluorescent bulbs can create a fire that may destroy your entire investment. This is one of the main reasons why experts recommend switching to LEDs, which generate minimal heat and will not cause burns or fire.

LEDs Last Longer

LEDs are vastly superior to fluorescent bulbs when it comes to longevity. While the best CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) can last up to 24,000 hours for straight tubes, LEDs can last approximately fifty thousand hours. This combined with their reduced energy usage means that ranchers and farmers that purchase them should see a positive return on their investment in less than a decade, and buying them might also make you eligible for tax credits and rebates.

Make the Switch to LEDs with Lighting X LLC

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