A growing number of gymnasiums around the world are switching to LEDs due to the many advantages they offer. From crisper illumination to affordability and minimal heat, below are some reasons to choose LED lighting for gyms.

LEDs Are Free of Harmful Materials

Traditional fluorescent lights are not eco-friendly, and this is because they’re made with toxic materials like mercury. This is why most municipal landfills won’t take fluorescent light bulbs and they have to be disposed of in a specific way. LED ceiling lights are made using materials that are environmentally sound and have lower carbon emissions.

They Are Healthier for Athletes And Spectators

A growing body of scientific research suggests that traditional lights cause a number of health issues, which range from eye strain to headaches, astigmatism, and myopia. Scientists now realize that light affects mood as well as stress levels, which is why many workplaces around the world are discarding traditional light bulbs in favor of LEDs.

The lighting used in gymnasiums is just as important, as this is where athletes train and compete while spectators watch. Bad lighting can lead to discomfort and the glare can compromise visibility in a manner that adversely impacts the performance of players.

LEDs Are Highly Energy Efficient

When it comes to energy efficiency, there is simply no comparison between LEDs and traditional halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting. For instance, LEDs convert 95% of their energy into light with a waste of only five percent. They also last a lot longer. While older bulbs may last a couple of years at best, LED A bulbs can last from five to fifteen years or longer depending on the brand.

LEDs Are Much Cooler And Safer

Aside from the fact that traditional lights are made with toxic materials, they are also extremely hot. Anyone who has ever tried touching a fluorescent bulb that has been on for a while knows this first hand, as it will burn the skin.

Athletes already become hot and sweaty from working out and competing, and when performing under traditional fluorescent lights the temperatures will rise further, which is anything but comfortable. LEDs are cool, so much so that you can touch them directly without getting burned, as they produce very little heat. Installing them in the gym will make both players and spectators more comfortable.

How Much Do LEDs Cost?

LEDs require an investment upfront, but the return will be a positive one. Depending on the size of your high school or college gym, the price for retrofitting LEDs can range from as low as $6300 up to $8,000. While this may seem expensive, it is important to remember that over the long term you’ll actually save money, because LEDs have much lower energy consumption than traditional light bulbs, which means a lower monthly power bill.

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