Indoor lighting is a necessary part of light fixtures. After all, it’s important to ensure there is lighting in the event it gets dark. Indoor lightings also boost your interior’s aesthetics by making your house look aesthetically pleasing. Here at LightingX, we provide years of experience in indoor lighting products to ensure you can find the indoor lighting products for your needs.

Understanding Indoor Lighting Products

It’s important to know that indoor lighting products must provide the best visual comfort for you and your loved ones. This is because some indoor lighting products may be too bright for the comfort of your eyes. Many indoor lighting products can be mounted on walls or ceilings to illuminate an area. However, you also need a lighting product that has high photometric performance. Fixing an indoor lighting product also require proper space management to ensure efficient space usage. Hence, we offer a wide range of indoor lighting products for your needs.

Indoor Lighting Products | What We Offer

  • LED High Bay Lights: Our LED high bay lights are DLC approved, as well as UL listed for wet locations. It can be used across a variety of applications, such as indoor arenas, gymnasiums, shopping centers, exhibition halls, warehouse light and cold storage. It’s often easy to install by installing it through a stainless-steel hanging ring. Some of them also has an optional flood light U bracket style. It is highly popular as it provides uniform illumination via diffused glass lens. Some of them are linear while some of them are round. Some lenses also have a right-angle beam through a flame retardant polycarbonate lens and has a powder coating that is chemically resistant.
  • LED Canopy Lights: LED canopy lights are a brilliant solution for shining light in canopies or other areas that need a low-profile lighting source that is mounted on pendant or mounted on the surface. It has a long LED life that ensures you can save money on maintenance costs, as well as energy. It’s highly energy efficient, compared to typical canopy lights with incandescent, fluorescent, or HID lamps. Our LED canopy lights are DLC QPL listed with warranties while complying with regulations, such as the Class B FCC part 15. It can be used for underpasses, recreation areas, loading docks and so on hence providing a wide array of applications, both in work and home.
  • LED Vapor Tight Lights: Our LED vapor tight lights can be used across many applications, such as parking garages, tunnels, security lighting, toll booths and so on. It can be easily installed by mounting it on surfaces using stainless-steel mounting clips. Some of the lenses provide uniform lighting by utilizing diffused polycarbonate lens. They usually have durable housing, such as durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) housing.

Why Buy Indoor Lighting Products from LightingX?                                                

You may be hard pressed to find a lighting company that provides free delivery while providing the best lighting products so far. Over here at LightingX, we ensure you will find quality indoor lighting products while our friendly team assists you.

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