In an industrial setting, it’s crucial to ensure that you have the right kind of lighting. This is because some areas may require powerful light performance. Light performance is essential to ensure that it will not pose a health and safety hazard. This is especially true if workers are working with heavy machinery and it’s important to have good industrial lighting. It’s also important to get industrial lighting that is efficient on energy as it can provide some savings. Here at LightingX, we provide the best kind of industrial lighting for your business needs.

Understanding Industrial Lighting Products

Depending on your business needs, it’s important to get the right kind of lighting product for your industry. To enable employees to work in a safe and reliable environment, industry lighting must be tried and tested to be reliable. In general, there are five kinds of industrial lighting products that your business may need.

  • Halogen: For halogen industrial lighting, light is created through a wire filament in a quartz tube with pressurized halogen iodine or bromine. Thy shine bright and can shine powerful light on a particular area. They come in all kinds of styles and sizes, depending on your needs.
  • Fluorescent: Fluorescent industrial lighting provides a reliable and efficient source of light. It is highly energy efficient compared to incandescent light bulbs as it expends only a fifth of energy while lasting 20 times longer than incandescent lighting products. However, construction is more complex.
  • Incandescent: Incandescent lights are highly common as they often come in typical light bulbs. However, they last only 500 to 1000 hours and are not highly energy efficient. The upside here is that they are highly versatile and cheap and can function in a variety of lighting environment.
  • LED: LED lighting has now become highly popular as it is highly durable and is also highly energy efficient. Some LED lights can last up till 100,000 hours. Also, it has zero toxic chemicals compared to fluorescent lamps.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID): High Intensity Discharge lamps come in a variety of modes, such as metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury. It is often used in outdoor, landscape and general lighting.

Industrial Lighting Products | What We Offer

  • Warehouse Lighting: Warehouse lighting products are often used in warehouse settings. They usually involve LED lights and have a long LED life. They are also UL/cUL listed while being DLC approved as well. It’s especially important to have strong warehouse lighting as good lighting is essential for better mobility and preventing the risk of falling down.
  • Factory Lighting: Factory lights usually uses LED technology as well. They often perform better than typical area or street lighting products as it offers better light performance while being highly energy efficient. It can be used in a variety of spaces and is conducive for wet areas too.

Why Buy Industrial Lighting Products from LightingX?

At LightingX, we provide a wide range of industrial lighting products. With high quality products and our proven expertise along the years, we have the right industrial lighting product just for you.

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