Regardless of what business you’re in, commercial lighting is an important aspect of your business. In general, commercial lighting is used within business spaces, such as government buildings, hospitals, universities, offices and so on. The key differentiation is that commercial lighting is not used in industrial or residential buildings. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to figure out which are your needs. At LightingX, we provide a wide range of commercial lighting options for you.

Understanding Commercial Lighting Products

In any commercial facility, it’s crucial to ensure that proper commercial lighting is in place. This is because facilities without proper commercial lighting products that don’t function well is hazardous to employees and guests. As a safety precaution, it’s important to ensure that commercial lighting products have the appropriate lighting to illuminate the area. Having proper commercial lighting products also reduce the risk of falls from happening, reducing fall hazards for people in the building.

Commercial Lighting Products | What We Offer

  • Dealership Lighting: Write a brief description on how these products are used, their benefits, etc
  • Parking Garages: Our LED parking garages lighting products are your go-to solution to provide consistent illumination in your parking garages. Our LED parking garage lighting solutions are for applications that need low profile lighting sources that are pendant-mounted or surface mounted. Our parking garage lighting solutions are equipped with polycarbonate lens, alongside a die cast aluminum housing to ensure the parking garage lighting product can withstand years of usage in the midst of harsh environment. With LEDs that are highly efficient and provide brighter light compared to other canopy lights, incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps, you will be left satisfied.
  • City Lighting: Our city lighting solutions are guaranteed to meet your needs. Our city lighting products have high energy efficiency, allowing you to save energy while taking consideration to the environment too. Our city lighting products also provide brilliant photometric performance and can withstand challenging situations. This is especially needed since certain conditions, such as weather, may happen. Hence, a robust city lighting system is needed and here at LightingX, we provide the best lighting system for the city.
  • School Lighting: Some of the main school lighting product involves fluorescent strip lights. These lighting products are usually used to emit light and offer ambient lighting in many commercial indoor settings, such as schools. As some places may require a bright environment, especially when students in schools are studying, a powerful light performance is necessary. Hence, our highly effective school lighting source provide uniform illumination and serves a variety of purposes in school. With uniform illumination without LED pixelation, you can be confident that the light performance will meet the needs of your schools.

Why Buy Commercial Lighting Products from LightingX?

At LightingX, we pride ourselves for our superior service and quality products. With our positively-reviewed refund service as well as quality delivery on the same day, we ensure you will be left satisfied.

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