A number of workplaces and offices still haven’t installed LED bulbs, preferring to stick with T5 tech which appears to be more affordable. Despite this, LEDs are increasing in popularity and falling in price. Researchers have long shown that the right light can influence alertness, mood, and physical well-being. Below are some additional reasons you should switch to workplace LED lighting.

LEDs Are Safe

Traditional lights become extremely hot after a period of usage and are prone to failure. This is the reason why many emergency signs use LEDs so that they can highlight the closest exits and other pertinent information that can assist evacuees during an emergency. They are bright, crisp, last a long time, and make it easier for workers to spot hazards.

LEDs Boost Productivity

Healthier workers are more productive, and poor lighting has been linked to a variety of workplace problems, from reduced performance to a lack of motivation. LEDs have been found to boost mood and energy levels which encourages employees to operate at a higher capacity.

LEDs Save Money

Over the long term, LEDs tubes will save your business a tremendous amount of money. They last far longer than standard light bulbs and do not require the same level of maintenance. Your monthly energy bills will also fall as LEDs require less electricity than their fluorescent counterparts. Plus, research shows that light-emitting diodes can last fifty thousand times longer when compared to halogen bulbs.

To put this into perspective, 95% of energy within LEDs is transformed into light, while only five percent gets wasted due to heat. This makes them the world’s most efficient illumination system.

They Are Eco-Friendly

A growing number of enterprises are recognizing the importance of going “green” and becoming more environmentally sound and switching to LEDs is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Did you know that traditional light bulbs are made with substances that are toxic? For instance, fluorescent bulbs are made with mercury, lead, and phosphors which are so harmful that many landfills will not accept them. LEDs have low carbon emissions, are not manufactured with toxic substances, and are completely recyclable.

Employees Will Be Healthier

Unhealthy employees are a liability to themselves and the organizations they work for. A growing number of employers are recognizing the hazards of poor lighting, which makes workers prone to headaches, eye strain, fatigue, dizziness, and overall discomfort.

A correlation has also been found between poor lighting and higher workplace stress. Switching to a healthier light source will boost energy, morale, mood, alertness, and overall performance. LEDs are a pleasant light source that is easy on the eyes due to their crisp and clear illumination.

LEDs are naturally compatible with ergonomics. It won’t cause screen reflections, shadows, and glare which are classic examples of poor workplace design. LEDs will bring greater comfort to the work environment which translates into superior performance on the part of the employees and greater market share for the employer, which is a win for everyone.