Outdoor lighting plays a pivotal part in providing lighting for your outdoor areas. Whether it’s for ambient light to provide a cozy atmosphere or providing bright lighting to illuminate your outdoor areas, they are a necessary part of furnishings. Here at LightingX, we provide high quality lighting products with competitive pricing, and we guarantee your satisfaction in our lighting products.

Understanding Outdoor Lighting Products

Outdoor lighting consists of a wide assortment of light fixtures that improve exterior home safety by illuminating the area. This is especially important at night as some places can get really dark at night, increasing the risk of people falling. Hence, outdoor lighting products reduce the risks of such things from happening. Other than lighting functions, some of them are also used for landscaping functions to beautify the place and to enhance the architecture of the place since it has aesthetic design value. With a wide range of finishes and styles, there will be a outdoor lighting product just for you depending on your preferences and needs.

Outdoor Lighting Products | What We Offer

  • LED Area Lights: LED area lights are ubiquitous lighting products that provide illumination to a wide area in general. It can be used in many areas, such as hotels, parking lots, streetlights, parks, security and even in warehouses. It has a very long LED life with a ultra-durable powder paint coating.
  • LED Wall Pack Lights: LED wall pack lights are highly useful to be installed on walls. It’s easy to install on wall surfaces via stainless steel mounting plates. It can be used to illuminate areas, such as underground parking, alleyways, security lighting, wall-side pathways, tunnel roads or wet environments. Since it’s usually mounted on walls, you need not worry about electrocution in wet areas. It also come with motion sensor options too.
  • LED Flood Lights: Our LED flood lights are energy efficient as it’s similar to using a 50W halogen lamp, hence saving energy. It also has a high LED lifespan and is relatively low in maintenance. It also comes in heat dissipating fins to ensure thermal energy is managed optimally. It’s great for accenting architecture, security, signs and displays. Its lenses are also resistant to impact and thermal shock with our tempered glass lens.
  • LED Street Lights: Our LED street lights utilizes advanced LED technology for a highly efficient luminaire that lasts for a long time with outstanding lighting performance. It provides high uniformity in lighting performance with high pole spacing due to its brilliant photometric performance.
  • Dusk to Dawn Lights: The dusk to dawn lights save 90% more energy compared to typical HID sources. It is also capable of being free of maintenance for 13 years with a high LED lifespan while providing universal photo control by providing night and day-time switches.
  • Security Lights: They are great for fixing it in locations where security and safety is an issue. It boasts two adjustable and efficient LED flood lights with multi-functional motion sensors.

Why Buy Outdoor Lighting Products from LightingX?

With a wide array of outdoor lighting products, you will be spoilt for choice. We have a customer-friendly refund policy and provide a wide range of products. We also provide same day shipping, ensuring you will be satisfied with our products and services.

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