Parking lots that are poorly lit make it hard for people to find their vehicles and will also jeopardize their safety. Below are some of the advantages you’ll gain by installing LED parking lot lights.

LEDs Provide Even Distribution

Light-emitting diodes incorporate a multipoint design which means their illumination is evenly distributed across a given area. This is of great importance for parking lots because at night adequate illumination will deter many criminals while also removing gaps and dark spots within the coverage of security cameras.

Lower Energy Consumption

Those who operate large parking lots within major metropolitan areas can save a lot of money by switching to LED area lights. Studies show that the typical parking lot within large urban areas requires wattage of between four hundred and 1000 watts which results in a hefty energy bill. By comparison, LEDs only use between forty and six hundred watts, which is a cost savings of between forty and sixty percent.

LEDs Are Free of Buzzing

Those who are managing parking spaces for prestigious companies or organizations want to leave a good impression, but if they’re using traditional light bulbs, these are notorious for producing a buzzing noise that will have the opposite effect. The sound is annoying and tacky, especially when the lights flicker, and the situation can be remedied by switching to LED bulbs.

LEDs Offer Greater Control

Those that are using photocells or occupancy sensors should know that LEDs are perfectly compatible with them. The drivers for light-emitting diodes are also responsive which enables operators to dim or turn up the lights in a couple of seconds. This makes the parking space brighter and safer.

Lower Cost of Maintenance

Aside from using less energy than traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs fixtures also have lower maintenance requirements. Furthermore, you don’t have to replace them every time their fuel source is depleted, since LEDs will continue their operation with lowering capacity which gives operators plenty of time to purchase replacements.

LEDs Offer Superior Illumination

While many people are under the misconception that all lights are the same, this isn’t true. There is a significant difference between the illumination quality of LEDs and older light bulbs. Light-emitting diodes generate illumination which is crisper and brighter than traditional lights and has a much wider color temperature which will provide enhanced visual perception.

LEDs Last Longer

A standard fluorescent light bulb can last up to twenty thousand hours. However, this lifespan may be shortened as the result of degradation which comes from regularly switching the lights off and on. LEDs, on the other hand, can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is between 6 and 11 years. As you can see, this is a big difference, and when you consider the cost of having to hire maintenance men to install and remove fluorescent lighting from parking lots, this translates into a substantial amount of money.

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