The Opportunity

Sunnyvale Business Park is a 600,000 square feet commercial and industrial complex located in Santa Clara County, California. The Business Park features 10 two-story buildings on a large campus-like setting, which includes retail giant Walmart Corporate Offices, and aerospace conglomerate Raytheon Labs. The property’s parking lot was in need of a reliable LED Lighting upgrade to provide an enhanced aesthetic for its tenants.

The Objective

With an objective to improve the safety and sustainability of the property, the customer had a specific request to significantly reduce the overall wattage consumption, while still maintaining an appealing look across the parking lot. In addition, the client was seeking to improve light uniformity, and lessen light trespass and glare onto adjacent residential areas. As a result, Altech Electronics’ LED Hyper Series Area Light was proposed as a viable solution.

The Solution

As a result of the objectives the customer provided, Altech Electronics recommended 90 units of 90W LED Hyper Series Area Light (U-HALL) in replacement of the parking lot’s current 400W HPS, mounted at 30-35 ft.

Our LED fixtures (165 LPW), with L70 of 150,000 hour lifespan, superior lumen efficacy and supported by Altech’s ten-year Wrap Around Replacement Program (W.A.R.P.) — hugely improved the performance and sustainability of the lighting systems of the exterior parking lot.


The Benefits

With Altech Electronics’ industry-leading lumen efficacy, at 165 LPW, we were able to offer a lower wattage solution, at 90W, in comparison to the traditional 400W HPS LED equivalent of 100W. Nevertheless, our suggested 90W fixtures was still able to outperform the existing light levels, and in the words of our customer, “At first I was a little afraid that we went with a lower dosage of wattage but WOW I was wrong, these luminaries house some serious illumination!”. 

With that being said, the customer was able to significantly reduce the overall wattage used, which resulted in over $14,000 in annual savings on their lighting utility costs.


LED Parking Lot Light - 90 Watts - 15,480 LM - 4000K or 5000K - Medium - Bronze

 End Results

In summary, Altech Electronics recommended our 90W LED Hyper Series Area Light (U-HALL) as the best solution to enhance the Business Park’s lighting system. Thus, the total system wattage reduced was approximately 30,000W. Overall, Sunnyvale Business Park was extremely satisfied with the LED fixtures Altech Electronics  provided. Their expectations were exceeded regarding the sustainability of the property, light performance levels, and the safety of their tenants.

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