The Opportunity

Cerritos Towne Center is a premier shopping center located in the heart of Cerritos, California. With over 480,000 ft2 of land, this Towne Center is home to notable tenants such as Walmart, Best Buy, Kohl’s, HomeGoods, and Islands Restaurant. The center was in need of a reliable LED Lighting upgrade to continue providing a dynamic and safe shopping experience.

The Objective

With an aim to enhance the sustainability and safety of the property, the customer specifically requested to maintain 2-4 foot candle (FC) readings on average across the entire parking lot of Towne Center. Besides improving light uniformity, the client was looking into reducing light trespass and glare onto adjacent residential areas as well. To provide a viable solution that will improve the shopping experience on the whole, Altech Electronics conducted a free photometric study of the location.

The Solution


Led light


As a result of the objectives the customer provided, Altech Electronics suggested approximately 150 units of 150W LED Area Light Hyper Series, instead of our 90-120W LED Area Light that would be enough for a 400W MH replacement.

Our lights, with a rate of L70 of 150,000 hours lifespan and superior lumen efficacy (165 LPW), hugely improved both the performance and sustainability of the lighting system of the exterior parking lot.

The End Result

Cerritos Towne Center - LED Parking Lot Light - 150 Watts

In summary, through our detailed photometric study, Altech Electronics recommended 150W LED Area Light Hyper Series as the best solution for the customers’ FC challenges. Thus, the total system wattage reduced was over 40,000W. Furthermore, we were able to validate the accuracy of our photometric tools by comparing actual to projected light levels.

In conclusion, Cerritos Towne Center was extremely satisfied with the overall solution Altech Electronics provided, which exceeded their expectations for the sustainability of the property, light performance levels, and the safety of their tenants and shoppers.

HomeGoods’ Parking Lot - LED Parking Lot Light - 150 Watt

Kohe parking

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