Parking lots are a mainstay of commercial buildings and are extremely important. They give both employees and visitors a place to park and are the first point of contact for those that arrive at the premises. Not only do you want it to be visually attractive, but it should also be safe and well-lit, which is why you’ll want to follow these tips when buying LED parking lot lights.

Determine The Lumens You’ll Need

Wattage is the measure of electricity. While LEDs are far more energy-efficient when compared to fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent bulbs, instead of measuring them by watts you’ll want to use lumens, specifically the amount of lumens that a fixture emits. There is considerable variation among LEDs when it comes to power consumption and the amount of lumens that are generated, so this should be taken into consideration.

Choose The Right Mounting Option

An LED is only as good as its mount, and they come in three types, which are yoke mounts, slip fitter mounts, and universal mounts:

  • Yoke mounts sometimes come with photocells and other times they won’t. For units that do have photocells, the sun acts as a type of photocell stimulus which makes the lights turn off and on automatically. Their color temperature is usually around 5700K with the equivalent of 150 watts.
  • Slip fitter mounts come with a color temperature that ranges from 3000K to 5700K. They come in numerous wattages along with lumens and body finishes and many consider them an outstanding substitute for classical illumination.
  • Universal Mounts are the best option for those that have difficulties with pole-mounting. They are compatible with most poles and can be purchased in various wattages, certifications, and lumens. While some use photocells, others don’t, and some models have motion sensors and are dimmable.

Select The Proper Color Temperature

Those who are new to LEDs must familiarize themselves with color temperature, and choose the right one for their parking space. Most commercial LEDs maintain color temperatures that extend from 3000K to 6500K.

A color temperature of 3000K is white, warm, and soft, which is ideal for residential properties. 4000K is natural white and comparable to moonlight. The best option for parking lots however is 5700K which appears in the form of daylight or bright white illumination.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

Determine the light fixtures that you’re currently using in your parking lot. If the fixtures are pole-mounted or use a slip fitter or trunnion, pay attention to the foundation and take some photos. This will make it easier for salespeople to help you find the right one.

Inspect your bulbs to determine if they’re made with metal halide or high pressure based sodium. You’ll also need to know your existing wattage along with the current price for electricity. Those that are already using photocells or timers in their parking lots can save extra money.

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