LED lights are the newest revolution in lighting because they provide a low-energy option that is both eco-friendly and affordable - with many color temperatures to choose from! Different colors of temperature make them perfect for different applications and settings, including your home or business office.

Color temperature is a measure of the warmth or coolness of a color. It ranges from red (warm) to blue (cool). The most common use for this measurement is in reference to light bulbs, which are usually labeled with their corresponding kelvin rating. In general, warm colors like red and orange can make spaces feel cozy and relaxing while cooler colors like blues and greens can create an ambiance that's perfect for reading or concentrating. LED lights offer different color temperatures than other types of lighting.

Lighting Color Temperature Guide

What's the Relationship between Color Temperature and K Number?

LED lights can come in a variety of different colors - from cool, bluish whites to warm and yellowish oranges. The color temperature of an LED light bulb is measured in K number which stands for Kelvin. K number is a measurement that determines the warmth or coolness of the light. The color temperature of light is measured on a scale from 1000K to 10000K. Warm white lights have a color temperature range between 2700K and 3000K, while cool white colors have a range between 4000K and 5000k. The higher the number means that it's closer to blue which makes it cooler, whereas lower numbers are redder which makes them warmer. 

Applications of Warming Colors Vs Cooling Colors

It's often difficult to make a choice when you're not sure what will work best for you. It becomes even more confusing when there are many different types of LED lighting with various color temperatures to choose from. The use of color in design is a powerful tool, and it is important for customers to find the right LED light for their needs.

  • Warm white
  • Warm white is the perfect choice for living, dining, and resting spaces because it can make you feel cozy and happy. It can create an atmosphere that feels both relaxed and warm at the same time. It makes your home or shop feel more welcoming, and that is very important to a lot of people! This color is not too light or dark - so it won't overwhelm any space because it has a perfect balance. What's more, warm white is the perfect choice for restaurants that want to be inviting and welcoming, while still maintaining a classic atmosphere.

  • Cool white
  • Cool white is a great choice for commercial applications such as parking lots, warehouses, workplaces, hospitals, and other large spaces that need to have a clean look.

    Parking lots and warehouses are some of the most difficult places to light because they need good lighting to make the area safe. Warehouses need good light so that workers can see any potential hazards. Cool white light is a great choice for parking lots because it illuminates everything without being too bright. It also provides enough visibility that drivers do not have to strain their eyes when looking at objects near them such as traffic signs which helps reduce accidents from happening while driving into a parking lot after dark or leaving one during nighttime hours.

    White light is a common choice for workplace lighting as well. It's very important for your office to be aesthetically pleasing and productive. Studies have shown that cool white light can help in improving concentration and enhance efficiency. You can use light fixtures like the Cool White LED Light as part of your overall design strategy for creating an intelligent workplace that motivates employees.

    There is no right answer with warm white or cool white colors; there are both advantages of each color depending on the type of application!

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