LEDs are widely used around the world and have become a part of the lives of billions of people. They adorn everything from lamps to computers, mobile phones, headsets, and even architectural structures. Below are the top ten advantages of LED lighting.

They Come in Many Colors

Prior to LEDs, lights were limited in the colors they could appear in, and while colored lights did exist, they were too expensive for the majority of consumers. However, the introduction of LEDs changed everything, giving consumers affordable access to illumination in every color imaginable.

Cold Weather Doesn’t Affect Them

While traditional lighting fixtures may be adversely affected by frigid temperatures, LEDs are not. In fact, research shows that LEDs can withstand temperatures lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

They Can Be Recycled

While traditional CFL and halide bulbs cannot be recycled, LEDs can be. This is because their casings are made with tempered or plastic glass that can be reused. Because LEDs have longer lifespans than traditional lights, they don’t impact the environment as much.

They Don’t Require Much Voltage

Energy consumption is a big deal these days and will remain so for the foreseeable future. LEDs are sought after because they don’t require a lot of voltage. Older fluorescent lights need to reach a specific energy threshold level prior to lighting up, which requires greater energy.

They Aren’t Toxic

Nobody wants to be exposed to toxins, yet this is what happens each time you buy traditional CFL and metal halide lights. LEDs will not emit any form of infrared radiation and is free of mercury and lead.

They Don’t Interfere With Radio Frequency

LEDs will not disrupt appliances or devices such as microwaves, television, or radio, which is important since a growing number of products are utilizing wireless technology, especially Bluetooth. 

They Can Be Customized in Many Ways

The majority of LED manufacturers offer multiple options when it comes to the customization of their lights. This allows them to be used for a wide range of applications, such as photocell sensors, motion sensors, voltage regulators, and more.

They Operate Instantaneously

Traditional incandescent bulbs must be heated up before they can achieve full illumination, while some fluorescent bulbs need starters. LEDs, by contrast, operate instantly, which means that the user just has to hit a switch or press a button and it provides immediate illumination.

Higher Brightness

The lumen output provided by LEDs is higher than standard lights, which results in greater brightness. For example, an LED fixture that is 6 watts may replace a 40 watt incandescent bulb since the brightness it provides is the same while using less energy.

They Offer Directional Lighting

With older forms of illumination, the light will scatter all over the place. LEDs on the other hand have a tendency to emit light within a single direction, which results in minimal energy wastage. 

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