Hotel lighting is one of those things that you won’t notice when it’s done right, but will definitely notice when it’s done wrong. Hotel illumination is often left in the hands of electrical engineers and style is not one of their strong points. Below are some lighting tips that will always leave a good impression.

Spend More for Quality

Light bulbs and fixtures vary greatly when it comes to quality, and you want the best you can afford. Every lamp and fixture you use both in the lobby and private rooms should be made with durable and attractive materials that will stand the test of time. Avoid the temptation to be cheap when it comes to lighting and fixtures because your clients will notice and they won’t be thrilled. 

Multipurpose Lighting Is Best

Modern hotels do far more than just serve as places for lodging. They can also be used for events that range from business conventions to weddings and you’ll need specific types of illumination for each function. Plan ahead by installing LED ceiling lights that come in multiple colors and have dimmers that can be adjustable, so that guests will be able to light the rooms as they desire. 

Choose Lights Which Are Attractive Yet Efficient

LEDs have become the industry standard when it comes to attractive illumination which is energy efficient. If you’re still using fluorescent lighting in your hotel, it is costing you a lot more money, as LEDs last much longer, are more affordable, and have lower maintenance requirements.

Unleash The Power of Natural Lighting

In the past, hotel conferences were often held without daylight, but times have changed and this is no longer the case. The reason past hotel conferences prohibited daylight is because it was believed this was more desirable for work-related events, as well as reducing sun glare while maximizing the space on walls for projections. But attendees now want natural light and you’d be wise to give it to them.

Effective Lighting Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

People sometimes have a tendency to make things more complicated than they have to be, and this includes hotel operators. While there are certainly technical aspects to lighting systems, the best solution is to always keep things as simple as possible.

For instance, when installing IT style systems, experts recommend incorporating touch panels that display international icons and symbols. They recommend avoiding text since people speak many languages and may not be familiar with certain terms, whereas many signs and symbols are recognized internationally.

Keep Up With The Latest Technology

Technology is constantly advancing, and this includes the world of illumination. Lighting systems have become fully integrated with electronics of all kinds, and it is now possible to use smartphones, tablets, and laptops to manage various functions from illumination to room service. In many cases, guests don’t even have to download apps, as the latest technology includes QR code scanning which provides access to various controls from their electronic devices.