Every brick and mortar company requires periodic maintenance to remain in optimal condition. Effective lighting requires more than merely switching light bulbs when they go bad, so below are some essential commercial LED lighting tips that you’ll want to follow.

Use The Correct Replacement Lamps

While virtually any fixture may be retrofitted for usage with LED-style lamps for greater efficiency, they cannot be plugged in unless the fixtures have been retrofitted to ensure compatibility. In addition to the lamp type itself, you must ensure that the connectors, base, and pins are correct. 

Evaluate Luminous Performance

At least once a year, either you or a light expert should evaluate the luminous performance of your lighting system. This includes inspecting every driver, transformer, and ballast to ensure there are no issues, and if problems are found you’ll want to get them corrected as soon as possible.

Inspect Your Bulbs

While this might seem obvious, it can actually be challenging if you operate a large facility that has hundreds of them. Bulbs are subject to becoming burnt out or loose, and these are things you’ll want to quickly identify and fix. This will ensure that your lighting system is always working at maximum capacity while addressing any issues which could cause the system to fail.

Check Your Dimming Presets At Least Once A Year

The majority of dimmers utilize preset factors of various kinds. They are designed to make space more diverse, cost-effective, and comfortable. For example, soft lights are designed for romantic settings while bright lights are designed for cooking, work, studying, or relaxation. Dimmers allow you to quickly alter the brightness levels of an area to suit your needs. However, the preset should be checked at least once a year to ensure the fixture is performing in the desired manner.

Clean The Fixtures Regularly

Dusty lighting fixtures are tacky, unattractive, and unprofessional. Aside from the fact that they’ll leave a poor impression on customers, fixtures that accumulate dust and grime are more prone to maintenance issues and failure. You’ll want to wipe their diffusers and lenses down while cleansing every exterior element. A simple dust cloth works best for this purpose.

Make Sure Your Ballasts Have Publicized Ballast Factors

A ballast is responsible for regulating current flow within lamps and offers adequate voltage for starting them. Without it, lamps would quickly overheat when turned on and then burn out. When a lamp is first activated, a ballast will quickly supply the needed voltage to produce an arc among the dual electrodes, and after the arc appears, the ballast will lower its voltage while regulating current so the light output is steady.

Engineering or maintenance managers can use the ballast factor as a type of multiplier in order to decide whether the activity of a lamp will produce a specific amount of light at a given time.

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