Quality illumination is a necessity for interior design, as it sets the right mood and tone. However, there are a number of common lighting mistakes which you’ll want to avoid, which are highlighted below.

Bathroom Vanity Lights

While LEDs can be used as your bathroom vanity lights, too many people place the lights above, which results in harsh illumination which will produce deep shadows beneath your chin and eyes. A better solution is to combine double vanity with three wall sconces that are shaded which will produce a nice glow that is soft.

Ceiling Fan Bedroom Lights

A lot of bedrooms have a ceiling fan which is centrally located with recessed lights in every corner. The problem with this geometric layout is that it often produces light that shines in places it shouldn’t while not illuminating the areas you want. An alternative is to use layered lights in spots that make logical sense, such as a master bedroom with a central ceiling fan where the recessed lights are used above your seating area instead of in every corner.

Kitchen Counters

A common mistake made in kitchens is to position the indoor lights in a way where more illumination strikes the floor rather than the counters where it looks best. The solution to this problem is to use pendant or recessed lights directly above the islands along with under cabinet lighting as this will ensure your cooking and eating areas have adequate and pleasant illumination.

Not Using Adjustable Lights

Throughout the day your eyes will adjust and so should your lighting, but too many interior designers choose illumination which remains static and unchanging throughout the day. This “off” or “on” choice is both limiting and old-fashioned, so the best way to fix it is through the installation of controls and dimmers which will allow you to adjust the lights in various ways to create the perfect mood whenever you want it.

For example, dimmers can be used to ensure your living room has the right type of brightness during dusk when it becomes too dark not to have illumination but when it also isn’t necessary to turn the lights up to max.

The Drywall

While drywall is the room’s most cost-effective surface, oftentimes light hits it in the wrong location. You’ll want to remedy this by positioning the lights in a way where they selectively highlight certain details like the shelves, arches, or molding so that the eyes of viewers are always drawn to objects of interest. Another way to achieve this is by using an effect called grazing, where you position the light on top of the brick or stone face which then grazes down the wall.

By following the tips above, your lights will be used in ways that will add dimension to your spaces, producing height and depth along with cozy spots that will highlight your favorite areas. Balancing light and shade is the key to success.

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