The majority of A bulbs sold on the market today are LEDs (light-emitting diodes). They have largely phased out the old incandescent and fluorescent bulbs because these lack the same energy efficiency and illumination quality. That being said, it is important to make sure you’re selecting the correct LED bulbs.

Brightness Is Measured By Lumens

For LEDs, lumens are more important than watts when it comes to measuring brightness. However, many labels will have lumen/wattage equivalents just to make them easier to understand. For instance, those that want to replace their incandescent bulb which is 100 watts will need to select an LED that produces the equivalent of 1600 lumens.

Know The Difference Between Warm and Cool Lights

The appearance of LED lamp illumination is a reference to its color temperature, which can be measured by Kelvins (K). For living room fixtures or table lamps, you’ll want a bulb that can generate between 2700 and 3000K to produce the warmer light which is comparable to classic incandescent bulbs, but for those that need to illuminate their workspace, you will want to select a bulb which can produce 5000K to get cooler light that resembles natural illumination. 

Enclosed Fixtures Require Specific Bulbs

While LEDs are capable of lasting for decades, this is only possible when the heat generated by them can be dissipated. If this isn’t the case, the heat will actually harm the sensitive electronics within the bulb which will result in premature failure.

Those that want to purchase a bulb for a fixture that is fully enclosed will need to review their packaging carefully to ensure the bulb has been approved for it. Bulbs that are specifically designed for fixtures that are enclosed will have greater thermal efficiency since they are designed with components that can withstand elevated temperatures.

Select Compatible Bulbs And Dimmers

While most LED-style bulbs may be dimmable, traditional dimmer switches are made for incandescent bulbs. Therefore, they may not be compatible with LEDs. If you don’t know much about dimmer switches, you’ll want to make sure that the one you’re using works with LEDs, and replace it if it doesn’t.

Be Careful Where You Place LEDs

While LEDs are adaptable and can be used in a variety of different environments, there are places where they should not be used. One example is an oven. LEDs can be damaged by high temperatures, so this is an environment where incandescent bulbs are better.

LEDs might also cause interference with certain remote controls, specifically those which operate door openers for garages. Check the websites of garage door companies to find a list of LEDs that are compatible, or look for incandescent bulbs since they are resistant to vibration.

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