Lighting is essential to making a home feel warm and inviting, but lighting can also be the key to breathtaking your outdoor space. With the correct type of landscape lighting fixtures, you can make your backyard look like it belongs in a magazine. But what are these magical fixtures? Here's everything you need to know about them:

Path Lights

Path lights are used to illuminate walkways and paths. They can be placed in pairs or groups, and their light often spreads over a wider area than spotlights. Path lights are the way to go if you have trees or flower beds that you want lighting up.

Spotlights and lanterns are generally used for more specific applications, like lighting up a fence line or highlighting gardens and sculptures, so they stand out at night.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are the most common type of outdoor lighting. They're used to illuminate large areas and can be mounted on a pole or hung from a tree, but they're also best suited for security purposes.

For example, if you want to light up your driveway at night so people can see where it is, then flood lights are best for this purpose. Flood lights are great for illuminating pathways or patios because they give plenty of light without being too bright in one particular spot.

Pond And Pool Lights

Pond and pool lights are designed to illuminate the water. These fixtures are also commonly known as underwater lights, which helps you distinguish them from other types of outdoor lighting fixtures that don't have any association with water at all. Even though pond/pool lights may look like they're meant for decorative purposes instead of utility, they've been proven to help balance the ecosystem by attracting aquatic insects and fish, who feed on these bugs before they become pests.

This fixture can be installed directly into your pond or pool's surface, so the light reflects off of it or is attached directly underneath it (if your pond is shallow enough). Either way works well because you'll want something that offers directional illumination around your body of water and ambient light within its general vicinity. Pool lamps generally cover a larger area than pond lamps, thanks to their placement along walls or ceilings surrounding pools; however, if your backyard landscaping includes both types, then all bets are off: choose whichever one looks best!

Step And Brick Lights

Step and brick lights are designed to illuminate a walkway or driveway or to highlight a garden feature. These fixtures can either be mounted on the sides of the steps or bricks or on top of them. Step and brick lights come in many styles and finish to blend in with your home's exterior décor. You can also choose from several types of bulbs—LEDs are energy-efficient, but incandescent bulbs will give off warmer light if you prefer it.

Wall Lights (Wall Wash)

Wall wash lights are the best lighting fixtures to illuminate walls, fences, and other vertical surfaces. These lights can create a sense of drama or romance in your yard. You can also use them to highlight architectural features such as window frames and doorways in your home or business. They're ideal for highlighting artwork hanging on a wall outside as well!


Landscape lighting fixtures are essential to making a beautiful home shine, inside and out. They help your landscape look attractive at night, provide safety for those who may be walking around at night, and can even add to the value of your home. There's no doubt that having quality lights in place can be a significant benefit when it comes time to sell your house or property!