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Makes our home feel more secure

We installed these to the sides of our home and it feels way more secure at night. Great lighting and easy to install!

Great for growing!

We installed these to help us with our new indoor garden and these work great for our setup. These hang really well and cover our space very evenly, making sure we have more than enough light to take care of our plants.

Great Wall Pack

Easy to install all around my home and really helps my property feel safer and brighter.

Great lighting for schools

I was assisting with the renovations for a local school and we needed some canopy lights to illuminate some of our new additions. LightingX helped us visualize the best fixture for the job with their photometrics and they look great!

Great buy

Contractor here: We bought about a dozen of Altech's 150W Flood lights to replace the property's 650W MH fixtures and so far we've had it up a few weeks. Its really fantastic. Wide range. Super bright. Excellent for big projects. Really good controls and motion sensors and easy to install. Our customer was really satisfied with the results and we would definitely come back to order more in future projects.

Great for humid work places!

Great light for our greenhouse. Our greenhouse can get very humid and we've had other lights fail from the water inside but so far these are working great. Waterproof as advertised and super bright!

This light is well constructed and easy to install. The selectable wattage and color options are excellent. Excellent light and has some very nice controls. Altech's 90W wall pack allows me to really control the lighting on my property with their motion sensors and photocells making sure I am not wasting any energy. Great choice if you want to have complete control of your lighting.

Solid Upgrade

We ordered a few of Altech's 2ft Linear High Bays and they were a solid step up over our old lights. Nice even distribution of light and easy to install.

Great Smart Controls!

Our new lights from Altech are working great! Motion sensors and photocell have been working great and saving us on our utilities. Even through rough weather the motion sensors work perfectly.

Great for work environments

We got these to replace the old metal halide lights from our warehouse and Altech's Linear High Bays really made a huge difference in light quality. Giving us less eye strain and better light coverage.

Great Value

Great value for the price. My property looks like it has some great stadium lighting!

Fantastic High Bay Light

Altech's UFO High Bay is a fantastic option of a light. Quality build and works perfectly with the motion sensors and controls they can come with.

Wonderful Light

This is a wonderful light. I was surprised that it didn't cost more and it feels very well made. The light is color correct and bright. I love how the light is evenly dispersed over my work area and does not give sharp shadows.

I'm impressed!

Really impressed with how bright this Altech flood light is. The unit itself isn't very big, but it packs a punch when it comes to brightness. Installation was pretty straight forward and easy. Would definitely recommend these for anyone looking to light up a large area.

Well Made and Very Bright

Altech Wall Pack looks very well made and was easy to install on our property. After some renovations we needed to light up the front of our building and we were recommended Altech's wall packs by our contractor. Looks great at night!

Great Value!

The Altech area light we ordered works great! The motion sensor that we had it ordered with works great and saves us a good amount on our monthly lighting bill. Thanks!

Fantastic High Bay option!

These are very bright, power efficient, and easy to install. I replaced 6 mercury vapor lights and now pull the same power as one while producing much much more light. These meet all safety standards that I can tell and will pay for themselves in no-time! No complaints and highly recommended!

Awesome - Super Bright

These are SUPER BRIGHT!! I purchased 5 of them and mounted them on top of our porch to help light up the backyard at night. We have a huge space out back. You could easily see enough to play catch or work on projects after dark with these on. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to add light to your yard or play area after dark making our area feel super safe. They are SUPER BRIGHT, thanks LightingX!

Super bright and great quality !

This lights are very bright!
They are very well built, good quality, feels very durable and waterproof.
I purchased a few to replace regular HID 1000W and they are even brighter for way less wattage! I’m ordering more to retrofit 25 old HID 1000W, would definitely recommend ordering from LightingX.

Let there be light!

We have recently completed changing our incandescent fixtures to these wonderful units. They are great, lots of light, waterproof and sealed well against spiders and other bugs. I would definitely recommend Altech's Canopy Light to those looking for a great lighting unit.

Great long term solution

So far so good. Easy to install and seems durable. I am hoping for a long term solution. This is my third attempt at an LED flood. The prior two each lasted ~ 2-3 years only, so I am hoping that this one out lives me. Even with Altech's their 10 Year warranty, I'm sure I won't even need it!

Easy installation

This light is super bright. I easily installed these on the exterior of our warehouse and it lights up half the parking lot. Altech's 40W Wall Packs work perfectly even at around 12ft high. Can't wait to order more!

Perfect for High Ceiling Spaces

Altech's LED Linear High Bays was one of my recommended options for lighting up our warehouse space and we're definitely impressed! Great and even lighting all around! Definitely would recommend to anyone who needs to light up their work space.

Lightweight and super easy to install

I've had trouble installing similar lights before but Altech's LED vapor tights were suprisingly easy to install and handle. They give out an amazing amount of light with such low wattage needed!

Super fast shipping

Great lights and even better shipping! Everywhere else has such long lead times but LightingX made sure I got these in a timely manner. Thank you!