In LightingX, we provide a wide range of lighting product solutions for your business needs. We provide a wide assortment of products from different leading manufacturers of lighting products. Through decades worth of expertise, our team of experienced personnel are able to help you make an informed decision regarding which lighting product best suits your business needs. We offer a range of lighting products from Cree and provide more insights on the company.

About Cree

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Cree places a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction, and that has been their core value over the last 40 years. By understanding their customer’s business needs and goals, Cree provides the best lighting product solution for their customers across a different span of industries. By providing  the most optimal lighting product solution, businesses can experience a smarter and safer work environment as people carry out their daily errands well.

Cree has a team of specialized engineers to ensure that every lighting product solution are designed for environment and work safety. All of Cree’s lighting product solutions provide a crisp light performance with high optical control that provides strong illumination. As different industries require different lighting needs, it requires a dedicated team to ensure your needs are met to meet safety regulations.

Through a wide assortment of lighting product solutions, Cree ensures a productive day at work. With lighting product solutions that can be installed easily and used intuitively, convenience and ease-of-use is wthin reach. With energy efficient lighting product solutions, an energy efficient environment contributes much to environmental sustainability. By focusing on spatial design, Cree’s lighting products provides a comfortable and conducive space that is palatable to one’s mental and physical faculties.

Cree has always been an innovative pioneer in LED lighting solutions with many years of expertise. With advanced lighting technologies in advanced optical control, intuitive control, color quality and product quality, they stand out amongst other lighting product solution competitors.

They also have a team of industrious personnel ensuring that every product design is well tested and built to last well. With two distribution centers in the United States, they ensure a prompt and satisfactory delivery service.

Why Choose LightingX?

LightingX aims to revolutionize the lighting product solution industry with their myriad of products. Through competitive pricing and understanding sales service, LightingX ensures that every customer walk away satisfied, knowing they’ve bagged the best deal. With rapid shipping, lighting product solutions can be delivered to your doorstep, just like that! With constant surveillance of their product inventory, you can be rest assured that your much-needed product solution is available for purchase. LightingX provides a seamless online shopping experience by bringing convenience to you through digital means. With free Photometric Studies, LightingX aims to bring the best lighting solutions to you. We also go above and beyond to ensure you receive other services to aid your business goals, such as Fixture Modifications and so on. LightingX is your lighting product solution partner to ensure you meet your business needs.

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